EUMETFAST 2015: the most powerful system for new DVB-S2 EumetCast users

Dear Visitors,

as you probably know, the satellite data dissemination system EumetCast is facing a significant growth switching from DVB-S to DVB-S2:

The huge amount of satellite data expected with HVS (High Volume Service) requires a high performance, safe and ad hoc system capable of exploiting all the potential offered by the present and future satellite data thanks to the passage to HVS and to the introduction of the Sentinel satellites. For such a purpose a software may not be enough: a real system of systems, capable of hiding the complexity of the data received and of safely exploiting their full potential, is needed.

For this reason, after 5 years of full-time research and development focused on the “old” EumetCast DVB-S version and subsequently on the new DVB-S2, GaiaG is pleased to present EUMETFAST 2015: the most powerful system of systems available on the market for EumetCast DVB-S2 users.

We kindly ask you to devote 5 minutes in order to understand how EUMETFAST put all the real power of the satellites for Earth Observation at your disposal. To have an overview of all the functions see the “VIDEO”; in order to understand its potential, please read the “WHY” section.


Wind Solar Radiation  Weather
Soil Vegetation  Urban Area
Topography Land cover and change  Disasters
Cloud Precipitation  Air
Ice & Snow Sea & Ocean  Wave
Try Demo on line to discover all data produced by EUMETFAST


Renewable energy Bioenergy Building simulation
Precision farming Cadastre Sustainable Development
Forestry Climate Change Security
3D reconstruction Air & water pollution Oil spills
Fire & Volcanoes Coastal safety Flood
Try Demo on line to discover all EUMETFAST's applications

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